Runaway Ranch Private Riding Lessons

Call us today to setup an appointment to meet with us to discuss your riding goals. Lessons could start when a child reaches 7-8yrs old depending on attention span and their physical size and we generally start with 1/2hr private lessons after orientation. Besides our younger crowd, We also have many new adult students who have always wanted to start riding or want to get back into it for relaxation and have programs and groups just for our adults. We offer a very low stress environment and generally you will have the arena all to yourself for your private lessons. All lessons require low heel boots (prefer paddock/ short riding boots, laced or zip) ,a riding helmet (we have rentals), and long sleeve pants and shirt. We do have approved helmets available to rent in several sizes. We can also direct you to some of our preferred mail order vendors for Paddock boots and helmets, both which start about $55.00 each and go up from there.





We provide lessons on our horses or yours in the following Disciplines

  • Western
  • English
  • Western Gaming / Speed events
  • Specific Problems / Tune ups
  • Trick Training / Desensitizing / Ground work

Visit our Lesson Photos and Our Lesson Preparation page !!

Private Lessons can begin immedietly as long as slots are available.

To enroll, please call Krissy at (630) 456-3400 or send us an email via our contact form.

Getting Started:

Two Session Private  Orientation package - $ Contact us for current rates
All new students must complete

Includes 2 separate Private sessions around 1.5hr each to get you up to speed and comfortable with us and how we do things, Match you to an appropriate horse, Privately address any concerns, anxieties, or questions you may have, Cover Safety and barn rules, and ultimately find you a group that matches your skill level on a horse that suits your personality and comfot level. 

Current Lesson Pricing: Contact us for current rates

We sell lessons in Packages of 4 to maintain a consistant teaching schedule  (1x Weekly typically) and  offer the following Formats when avaibale. 

  • Weekly Group lessons - 1hr Lessons ( Best Deal and Availability)
      • (3 or more to form a group. Many groups already running with various skill levels)
  • 1/2hr Private Instruction - (Great way to start our youngest and newest riders)
  • 1hr Private Instruction - (Limited slots available for those really needing 1:1 attention, Orientation, or otherwise. Private lessons are at our discretion otherwise we are primarily group focused.
  • 1hr semi private (2 people ride with separate horses, includes tack time, More expensive than groups)
    Call us for more details..(630) 456-3400 or Send us a Message

Meet your Instructors....


Krissy Lowe - Lead Instructor / Barn Manager / Trainer

Krissy was born and raised on a Christian family horse farm in Winfield that is still successful and active today. After working with her, you'll soon realize that she's been riding and working with horses all her life. Growing up, she participated in many English events and especially enjoyed Pony Club, Dressage, Cross country and Stadium Jumping. While in High school, Krissy started competing in IHJA / NIHJAHunter Jumper Circuits. Pursuing her lifelong passion of becoming a horse trainer and following God's path, Krissy attended The University of Findlay for four years and Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Equine Business and Equestrian Studies with and emphases in Western. Since graduating she went on to work for several different Western Trainers within the US, learning the ins and outs of the western training/show world. After settling back in Illinois and marrying Ryan, Krissy has found her forever home and has been growing her riding lesson program, sharing her knowledge, and helping people truly discover what is possible with a horse. She particularly enjoys teaching English and Western groups, semi private, and private lessons in many different disciplines. Krissy also specializes in helping people overcome their fears of riding by better communication with the horses and building a solid foundation.

Call or Email us today to setup your first lesson with Krissy.


Ryan Lowe - Trainer

Ryan started out riding and working horses back in 1997 after buying his first horse at an automotive auction in Maple Park on a split decision. After quickly realizing that there is a lifetime of knowledge to be learned, he started diving deep into the horse world and has been learning, sharing, and enjoying the horse passion ever since. Today, he works with riders looking for a better bond with their horse through natural horsemanship, Trick training, advanced ground work, mounted shooting, and Western and English disciplines. His techniques are successful in gaining trust with the horses and teaching people how to establish a loving and respectful relationship on their horsemanship journey. Ryan is a jack of all trades type of person and is always thinking outside the box when it comes to communicating both verbally and training techniques to the horse and rider. Ryan has helped many riders here at the barn teach tricks to their horses include Bowing, Lay down, Sit up, Sit down, Yes/no, Spanish Walk, Lavade (Rearing), Curtsy Bow, and Smiling. During the process, these tricks train your horse to be calm, willing, and trusting of their owners while having some fun. Ryan is always saying "The trick is the bonus" as he believes that the horses learn so much more during the whole process than just the trick itself. Ryan also loves the sport of Mounted shooting, and has earned the nickname “Flyin Ryan” from his friends for speeding through the course on his main horse Titan. He loves working with riders and their mounts to learn the sport of CMSA including tack and equipment requirements, Gun handling, Course management, and teaching the horses to Gunfire.

Call or Email us today to setup your first lesson with Ryan.