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2024 Fun Show Fundraiser

"It's For The Horses"

Is our theme this year ! 

This year's show is all about our beloved horses! We're dedicated to fostering better relationships, becoming better partners, and creating a better living environment for them to thrive.

Improving their turnout area is large but essential project, and one that comes with a hefty price tag. To make this dream a reality, we're diverting the profits of the funds raised from our shows and workshops, that would normally be used for other projects around the farm into a single initiative, along with running other fundraisers to meet this goal.

Not About Awards, But About Love

This show isn't about earning awards—it's about supporting your favorite equine pals. These horses are the heart of our program and the reason you smile every week when you come to ride. It's time we prioritize their well-being, supporting them to ensure they live in a more comfortable environment.


If you've never participated in a show before, this is the perfect opportunity! It's going to be a fun, relaxed event with no pressure. While there won't be awards for specific classes, every participant will receive a special commemorative medal as a thank you for your support and a reminder of what our horses do for us every day.

How Can You Help?

Get involved! Participate in our shows, workshops & other events. Your involvement directly contributes to our mission of creating a better living environment for our horses. Whether you're an experienced rider or new to shows, we welcome everyone to join in and support this cause.


Although our attendance is lower than usual for this show, we deeply appreciate those of you who are prioritizing our horses by supporting them. These horses are the heart of our program and the reason you smile every week when you come to ride. A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up! We deeply appreciate your loyalty, dedication to our program, and passion for our horses. This project represents a substantial financial commitment, and we are making significant sacrifices to bring it to life. Your support means the world to us.

Drill Team Performance 

Our boarders' Drill Team has been working tirelessly to create a show that highlights our wonderful herd. We plan to open this show to the public later this summer as another way to raise funds. To celebrate, the Drill Team will host a special performance for those who participated in the Fun Show. Participants and their families are invited to join us at 7 PM for the show, followed by a bonfire.

What classes are we hosting for the show?

Adults, Teens, Juniors

Park Your Horse


Switch Cup Relay

Command Class

Crate Paper Pairs Class

Littles ( walk, trot, canter)

Park Your Horse


Switch Cup Relay

Command Class

Shoe Race

Feed Sack Relay

Littles (walk, trot)



Command Class

Shoe Race

Feed Sack Relay

Competitor Dress Code

Shirt, jeans, riding boots & Helmet- You do not need to spend a bunch of money on this, Come looking put together, should be a little more effort then your daily dress for class. 

Ride Times

Each rider is assigned a particular ride time. You should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your listed time.  Click the link above to see your Ride Time. 

Saddling & Tack

I will be in contact with you, if you are tacking your own horse, If you don't hear from me, your horse will be ready for you & Pre tacked​


You will have a quick window of opportunity to take photos after the completion of the ride for each riding hour. The schedule can be tight at times, so try to be quick. 


Front of the barn is for Handicap only - Grass Field West of our house is for parking. Please limit parking in the gravel lot for Elderly and Special needs only.


This is your day to bring your friends and family to watch. Admission is FREE. Seating / chairs are limited for each group on the arena Deck. You may cheer your rider on and help them with verbal cues pertaining patterns, as well as cheering. Please keep small children quiet with screaming etc.


Please remind guests to leave UMBRELLA's at home (they will scare the horses)


Be sure to bring rain gear, rain coats, ponchos etc. as we wont have seating for everyone inside. 


Remind your guests to wear CLOSED TOED SHOES, sandals are not permitted around the horses for your safety reasons. 

Dogs / Pets

NO DOGS - The only dogs on property the day of the show will be the resident dogs. Rusty & Boone.


We will be Serving Fernandos Street Kitchen Tacos & Fixings !

Will be cash or check only!

Fun Show T Shirts & Sweatshirts

You will be able to purchase online on the website or in person the day of the show. 

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