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2022 Littles Show Rules and Pattern Video's

Below you will find written rules for the Individual Trail Class Runs and also for the Tag Team Trail runs with your partner. We've tried our best to cover all obstacles, situations that may arise, and concerns but all runs and scenarios will be at the discretion of the Judges and will be considered final at awards. 

Rules / Course Description

  • Timed event, 10 obstacles

  • 2 Point Penalty for every Knocked over Obstacle

  • Must attempt every obstacle

  • Littles Class have set pattern - See below

  • Riders will have 5 minutes to complete entire course on show day

  • At the 5min mark, Judges will call "Time" and you will head back to timer for completion time. 

  • Crossing Timer line more than twice – Disqualified

  • In the event of a timer malfunction during the run, rider will restart the pattern regardless of obstacles completed. This is standard industry practice no matter how good of a run you had going.


Highest Total score wins

Example - Rider completes all 10 obstacles but knocked over barrel or pole etc

Raw Time - 4:33 Plus 2sec penalty = 6:33 Total time

** Obstacles can be Re-attempted if they are intact as many times as you want **

Pattern Order

  1. Shuffle cups

  2. Around the world

  3. Back ‘em up bell

  4. 360 box- 1 full circle in box

  5. Figure 8-barrel date

  6. Bridge/tire

  7. Bridge Bell

  8. Haybale – dismount, remount on other side

  9. Stand up challenge

  10. Finish line

Object Descriptions

Shuffle Cup

  • Start at center cup, move center cup to open pole, move last cup to center pole

  • If you drop a cup, a helper will reset the cup.


Around The World

  • Stop and rotate 360deg in saddle at designated point (Letter S)

Back up Bell At C


Enter from mailbox side of arena

Walk in, Ring Bell, back out.​

360 Turn

  • Walk into box, turn a full circle without stepping out of bounce

    • Stepping out of box (Start over from that point)

    • Hoof touching wood border - if they didn't step outside, this is ok

    • More than one full turn is ok (ie: 540 deg turn etc)

Figure Eight Barrel Gate

Ride in a figure eight pattern around the barrels.


Cross tarp at any angle, One front foot and one back foot must make contact with tarp.

Bridge / Tire

Walk on to bridge, walk off bridge to tire

  • Horse must put two feet on tire & travel full length of bridge without stepping off

    • Horse stepping off side of bridge & contacts the ground – Restart

Bridge Bell

Ring bell

  • Knocking over bell 2pt penalty

Large Hay Bale

Ride up beside, dismount, walk your horse around to the other side (while still on the bale) Remount​

Stand in Saddle

Stand up past crouching position with hands off saddle
Helper will hold horse




Example Littles  Individual RUn

Example Littles  Team Run

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