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Runaway Ranch Riding Lessons
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Contact us today to set up an appointment to speak with us to discuss your riding goals.

Runaway Ranch offers scheduled weekly group riding lessons for just about any age rider and skill level and specializes in beginner to intermediate riders wanting want to have fun and enjoy horses while learning at their own pace. We host yearly in house events, shows, clinics, and volunteer opportunities to be involved and further your horsemanship at your leisure.

Our Youth classes could start when a child reaches 7-8yrs old depending on their attention span and their physical size. We generally start with 1/2hr group lessons after a private orientation process until they are ready for a full hour physically and emotionally and then transition to a group that's closest in match to their skill level and age.


Besides our younger crowd we also have many new adults, teens, and even seniors students who have always wanted to start riding or want to get back into horses for fun and relaxation. We have dedicated groups for everyone and are sure we can find a good fit for you. We offer a very low-stress environment and are excited to help you fulfill your love of horses. 

Adults - Teens - Youth - Seniors


We provide lessons on our horses or yours in the following Disciplines​

  • General Riding and Horsemanship
  • Western Riding / Gaming / Speed events
  • Specific Problems / Tune ups
  • Desensitizing / Ground work / Liberty
  • Building Confidence and overcoming Anxieties
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Building a Foundation Together

Every new student goes through our unique and highly successful orientation process designed to get to know one another and become comfortable with how we do things. We implemented this process in 2018 and have received very good feedback from students, saying they really felt a lot more prepared by having this one on one time to go over all their questions and concerns privately to prepare them for regular weekly group lessons. Our goal is to carefully match you to an appropriate horse, privately address any concerns, anxieties, or questions you may have, cover horse safety and barn rules, and ultimately find you a group that matches your skill level on a horse that suits your personality and comfort level. Our thought is that if you feel comfortable and ready, you are more likely to enjoy each and every ride, learn more, and make new friends.



Making New Friends

Group Lessons are the best and most economical way to get involved and learn about horses here at Runaway. We tailor our lesson plans according to the skillset of the group but typically have a weekly and overall quarterly theme that everyone is learning about. We find it very beneficial for students to watch their peers face the same challenges they do and find comfort in knowing that we all struggle from time to time while progressing in our own journeys. Friendships are made and words of encouragement are the norm and this is what makes a great barn family.  



Going the Distance

Several times a year we offer educational clinics related to upcoming shows or just a chance to do something fun. These are often a one day deep dives into various subjects related to horses that offer the participants the chance to gain even more knowledge and practice their skills with direct feedback on a specific horse subject. We love teaching these and they are alot of fun to participate in and meet new people from other groups. We often find that those who participate in the  clinics often feel more confident and relaxed for the events we host. These clinics are only available to our students and do not require you to enter any of our shows unless you want to.  



Putting those skills to work

Typically twice a year we host a "Show" event to allow our students to showcase things we've been working on in lessons and workshops. These shows are only for lesson students and are another way for us to involve their families to come and see what progress their riders have made. These shows are always meant to be low stress and a way to have fun and get your feet wet with some healthy competition. Early summer and Fall are preferred times slots and the events within the shows vary. Our fall rodeo is typically our second event and is a barn favorite due to the speed events and fast action for the spectators. Even if you don't like the spotlight, we just know you'll have fun participating as a student and might even win a medal or a buckle in your skill class.  

Lesson Prep
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