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2022 Speed Cups

Below you will find written rules for Speed Cups we've tried our best to cover all rules, situations that may arise, and concerns but all runs and scenarios will be at the discretion of the Judges and will be considered final at awards. 

Speed Cups

  • Pattern

  • Pick up middle cup & put cup on 3rd pole

  • Pick up cup from 1st pole & put cup on 2nd pole

  • After both cups are moved forward 1 pole you must round end zebra barrel and run home

  • Team Run Rules - See Video Below

  • Timed event

  • Set Pattern

    • Pick up partner at hay bale

    • Pairs zig zag shuffle cups

    • Split hay bale

    • 360 box Carousel

    • Split tire

    • Hay bale – Horsie Doe

    • Pony Express – Stay on the rail

    • Partner Barrel Gate

    • Single file line over bridge and tire

    • Finish line ( one horse only )

  • Fastest Time plus Penalties wins

  • Must attempt all obstacles

  • Skipped obstacle / forgotten obstacle 60 second penalty

  • 5 second time penalty for any attempted but incomplete obstacle

  • Crossing timer line more the Twice- 0 SCORE


Highest Total Score Wins

Individual Example

  1. Example 1 - Rider completes all 13 obstacles in 2min 34sec

    • 13 Obstacles at 5 points each = 65 points

    • 5min minus 2min 34 sec = 2.26

    • Total = 65 plus 2.26 = 67.26 finished time

  2. Example 2 - Rider completes 11 obstacles in 1:22sec​

    • 11 Obstacles at 5 points each = 55 points

    • 5min minus 1min 22 sec = 4.38

    • Total = 55 plus 4.38 = 59.38 finished time

  3. Example 3 - Rider completes 13 obstacles in 4:40sec​

    • 13 Obstacles at 5 points each = 65 points

    • 5min minus 4min 40 sec = 0.20

    • Total = 65 plus .20 = 65.20 finished time

Team Example

  1. Example 1 - Team completes Course in 2min 55sec

    • Team had 2 attempted but not completed Obstacles

    • 2 Penalties for 5sec each = 10

    • Total = 2:55 + 10sec = 3:05 finished time

​** Below obstacles are listed in a recommended pattern Ryan came up with for himself **

** You can do any pattern you choose as long as you follow the rules **

** Obstacles can be Re-attempted if they are intact as many times as you want **


Individual Run Object Descriptions / Rules

Bridge Bell

Ring bell

  • Knocking over bell 0 Points

Bridge / Tire

Walk on to bridge, walk off bridge to tire

  • Horse must put two feet on tire & travel full length of bridge without stepping off

  • Horse stepping off side of bridge & contacts the ground – Restart

Large Hay Bale

Ride up beside, dismount, walk your horse around to the other side (while still on the bale) Remount

  • Falling/ jumping down from haybale – failed attempt / Optional restart


Cross tarp at any angle, One front foot and one back foot must make contact with tarp.

Shuffle Cup

  • Start at center cup, move center cup to open pole, move last cup to center pole

  • If you drop a cup, you may dismount, pick it up, you may also just continue on and take a 0 Points 

    • 0 Points - Knocking over poles disabling obstacle


  • Horse must have all 4 feet travel over top of hay

    • 0 Points If horse mouth touches the bales

Back up Bell At C


Enter from mailbox side of arena

Walk in, Ring Bell, back out.


  • When backing out, Horses front feet must clear end of pole 

    • No Bell ring - Not complete - restart

    • Knocking over bell – 0 Points

    • If your horses’ feet step over the pole - restart


Pick up mail out of mailbox, raise over head, put mail in box, CLOSE door

  • If you drop the mail you have the option to get off and get it or move on and receive 0 Points

  • 0 Points If you knock over mailbox


360 Turn

  • Walk into box, turn a full circle without stepping out of bounce

    • Stepping out of box (Start over from that point)

    • Hoof touching wood border - if they didn't step outside, this is ok

    • More than one full turn is ok (ie: 540 deg turn etc)

Corner Back up Bell

You Must complete at least 3 back up steps and ring bell.

  • Knocking over bell – 0 Points

  • If your horse steps outside of pole - restart

Single Tire


  • Simply Walk over tire - Horse must go over tire with no sideways motion.

  • Judge will call out “CLEAR” Or “RETRY”

Rope Gate

Must get to the other side of gate by unclipping rope, walking through posts, & reclipping

  • Knocking over posts – 0 Points

Barrel Gate

Pick up one end of pole, far end of pole must remain in contact w barrel, circle around barrel w pole in hand, set pole back down. Pole must contact top of barrel

  • If one end of pole drops on the ground. Rider must restart 360 spin from current position. 

    • Dropped pole (both ends on ground) - 0 Points

    • Knocked over barrel – 0 Points

Example Teen  Individual RUn

You DO NOT need to stand on tire like Ryan,

just cross over it in a straight line. Your pattern may vary also.

Example Teen Team RUn

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