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Get ready to savor every sip with our newest coffee creation, Cowboy's Blend! Crafted in collaboration with Barb City Roasters, this premium coffee is made from 100% TOP SHELF Organic Arabica beans. Named after our beloved Golden Retriever, Cowboy, every purchase supports our fundraiser dedicated to improving our horses' well-being and turnout area.

At Runaway Ranch, we're passionate about creating a safe and enriching environment for our four-legged friends. With every bag of Cowboy's Blend you purchase, you're not just getting exceptional coffee—you're contributing directly to the happiness and health of our horses.

Indulge in the rich flavors of Cowboy's Blend and make a difference for our equine companions. Available in whole bean or ground options. Order yours today and join us in honoring Cowboy's legacy!

"Cowboy's Coffee"

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