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2022 Rings

Below you will find written rules for the Rings. We've tried our best to cover all obstacles, situations that may arise, and concerns but all runs and scenarios will be at the discretion of the Judges and will be considered final at awards. 


Pattern Outdoor arena 

  • Ride down & round far white barrel

  • Run down fence line skewing 1 ring with sword at each banner for a total of 2 possible rings

  • Cross finish line

  • Fastest time with penalties wins

5 second time Penalties 

  • Knock over barrel

  • Drop ring off sword before finish line

  • Missed ring


  • Dropped sword

  • Crossing timer more than 2 times before attempting full pattern

  • Off Pattern ( not rounding far barrel OR not riding under banners & attempting rings)

  • Falling off

All unforeseen discrepancies will be handled by a pre-appointed grievance board

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