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2023 Summer Show

First points show of 2023 for the Buckle Series. You must compete in Both shows to be eligible for a year end buckle. You will be competing against like skilled riders and not necessarily against all students in your lessons.

Information & Official Rules

Riding Patterns and Rules

Competitor Dress Code

Button down shirt, jeans, belt, riding boots & Helmet- You do not need to spend a bunch of money on this, Come looking put together should be a little more effort then your daily dress for class. 

Ride Times

Each rider is assigned a particular ride time. You should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your listed time.  The group you are riding with is the group you are competing against. We have spent a lot of time and consideration trying to put the right skills together with the students we had sign up for the show. 

Saddling & Tack

Horse Owners, Saddle Owners, & 8:45 through 11:40 time slots will be responsible for tacking their horse. All other competitors will have the horses saddled for them. Stephanie Van Buren will be running Barn, Saddling, and Horse Prep for ALL Classes. She will be in a Runaway Ranch Polo Shirt.

ONLY saddling competitors & necessary parents will be permitted in the barn.




You will have a quick window of opportunity to take photos after the completion of Tag Team Trail for each riding hour. The schedule can be tight at times, so try to be quick. 


Front of the barn is for Handicap only - Grass Field West of our house is for parking. Please limit parking in the gravel lot for Elderly and Special needs only.


This is your day to bring your friends and family to watch. Admission is FREE. Seating / chairs are limited for each group on the arena Deck. You may cheer your rider on and help them with verbal cues pertaining patterns, as well as cheering. Please keep small children quiet with screaming etc.


Please remind guests to leave UMBRELLA's at home (they will scare the horses)


Be sure to bring rain gear, rain coats, ponchos etc. as we wont have seating for everyone inside. 


Remind your guests to wear CLOSED TOED SHOES, sandals are not permitted around the horses for your safety reasons. 

Dogs / Pets

NO DOGS - The only dogs on property the day of the show will be the resident dogs. Cowboy & Rusty Scooter.


We will be serving Brisket and Chicken Tacos & Quesadillas from Fernando's Street Kitchen and a variety of other snack items and drinks.

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