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2023 Adult, Teen & Junior Show Rules and Pattern Videos

Below you will find written rules for the Individual Trail Class Runs and also for the Tag Team Trail runs with your partner. We've tried our best to cover all obstacles, situations that may arise, and concerns but all runs and scenarios will be at the discretion of the Judges and will be considered final at awards. 

Adult, Teen, & Junior Rules / Course Description

Individual Run Outline - See Video Below

  • Timed event, 13 obstacles

  • Riders must follow designated pattern

  • 5 points max for each completed obstacle

  • Riders will have 5 minutes to complete entire course on show day - Less time is better.

  • Completing under time limit adds remaining time to your score

  • At the 5 min mark, Judges will call "Time" and you will head back to timer for completion time. Your score will be time plus whatever points you've completed within with course.

  • Knocking over obstacle components during attempting them disables the obstacle 0 Points.

  • Crossing Timer line more than twice – 0 Points

  • Out of order obstacle - You must restart pattern where you went off pattern **If you realize AFTER you crossed your timer line DQ** 

  • In the event of a timer malfunction during the run, rider will restart the pattern regardless of obstacles completed. This is standard industry practice no matter how good of a run you had going.



Individual Run Object Descriptions / Rules

1. Flag Pick Up

Pick up flag

  • If flag is dropped - Circle back and Restart obstacle - DO NOT RE-CROSS TIMER

  • Knock over barrel before pick up - wait for reset - then continue to complete obstacle 

2. Drop off Flag

Put flag in bucket

  • Flag must remain in bucket to count as complete

  • Flag missed bucket, no points

  • Flag went in but came out - 3 points instead of 5 

  • Knock over barrel - 0 score

3. Cowboy Curtain

Cross from one side to the other

  • All 4 horse feet must travel under curtain

4. Bell

Ring Bell

  • Knock over bell - 0 score

5. Jump

Horse must have all 4 feet travel over top of log

6. Zig Zag Bells

Zig Zag through bells with out hitting them. 

  • 1 point penalty per bell hit unless hit by tail swish

  • If you skip a hole, restart obstacle 

7. Teeter Totter 

Horse must travel longways over the obstacle.  

  • If hoof steps off side - Restart to gain points

8. 360 Turn

  • Walk into box, turn a full circle without stepping out of bounds

    • Stepping out of box (Start over from that point)

    • Hoof touching wood border - if they didn't step outside, this is ok

    • More than one full turn is ok (ie: 540 deg turn etc)

9. Mailbox

Pick up mail out of mailbox, raise over head, put mail in box, CLOSE door

  • If you drop the mail you have the option to get off and get it or move on with a 0 score for obstacle

10. Move Cup

Halt between poles, move cup from 1 pole to the other

  • If you drop the cup you have the option to get off and get it or move on with a 0 score for obstacle

  • 0 Points If you knock over Poles

11. Back up Bridge & Bell

Walk on to bridge, ring bell, back off.

  • Knocking over bell 0 Points

  • Horse stepping off side & contacting ground w/ hoof - restart obstacle if desired to get points

12. Dismount, Lunge, Remount

Dismount, stand on tire, lunge your horse over log, rider walks across log & remounts 

  • Must be in a lungeing position driving horse forward & not just leading horse around circle

  • Stepping off obstacle is allowed​

13. Gate

Must get to the other side of gate by unhooking chain, walking through posts, & re hooking

Points to be earned : 

5 Points

  • Remain in contact with Gate or Chain on gate through duration of obstacle

3 Points

  • If you lose contact with gate at any point during obstacle, highest you can score is 3 points. You do have an option to restart to gain full 5. 

Team Run Rules - See Video Below

  • Timed event

  • Set Pattern

    1. Dueling Flag Race

      1. 1 rider starts behind timer line​

      2. 1 rider starts behind cowboy curtain

    2. Ring Bell

      1. Each rider has their own bell to ring​

    3. Single File teeter totter

      1. Front rider heads to mail box to get package​

      2. Back rider heads to far bell and rings it, ends up at E waiting for hand off

    4. Pony Express Mail Race

      1. After mailbox rider hands off package they must ring bridge bell and grab lead rope from wall and wait for second rider in 360 box. ​

      2. Rider with mail must ride over jump and return mail to box & meet at 360 box ​

    5. Team Lead Rope Portion

    6. Carousel 360 box clockwise

      1. 1 rider in box, 1 rider outside box​

    7. Split tire Obstacle 

    8. Cross bridge (all 4 feet over)

    9. Figure 8 Teeter Totter

    10. Carousel 360 box (different center rider than 1st carousel) 

    11. Split gate and drop lead rope off 

    12. Each rider to a tire - dismount high five on the log - remount

    13. Run down and around far Flag barrel - Just one rider, but both can go

    14. Head to finish line - ONLY 1 Rider across Finish Line


Fastest Time plus Penalties wins

Must attempt all obstacles or take penalty

Skipped obstacle / forgotten obstacle 60 second penalty

5 second time penalty for any attempted but incomplete obstacle except flags

Crossing timer line more the Twice - 0 SCORE


Team Pattern is now Complete

  • Fastest Time minus Penalties wins

  • Must attempt all obstacles

  • Skipped obstacle / forgotten obstacle = 60 second penalty

  • 5 second time penalty for any attempted but incomplete obstacle except flags

  • Crossing timer line more the Twice - 0 SCORE



Individual Example - Highest Score WIns

  1. Example 1 - Rider completes all 13 obstacles in 2min 34sec

    • 13 Obstacles at 5 points each = 65 points

    • 5min minus 2min 34 sec = 2.26

    • Total = 65 plus 2.26 = 67.26 finished time

  2. Example 2 - Rider completes 11 obstacles in 1:22sec​

    • 11 Obstacles at 5 points each = 55 points

    • 5min minus 1min 22 sec = 4.38

    • Total = 55 plus 4.38 = 59.38 finished time

  3. Example 3 - Rider completes 12 obstacles in 4:40sec​

    • 12 Obstacles at 5 points each = 60 points

    • 5min minus 4min 40 sec = 0.20

    • Total = 60 plus .20 = 60.20 finished time

Team Example - Fastest Time Wins *** TEAM RUNS ONLY ***

  1. Example 1 - Team completes Course in 2min 55sec

    • Team had 2 attempted but not completed Obstacles

    • 2 Penalties for 5sec each = 10

    • Total = 2:55 + 10sec = 3:05 finished time

** Obstacles can be Re-attempted if they are intact as many times as you want **

Example Junior / Teen / Adult individual  RUn

If you fail an obstacle, you can re-attempt as long as it's intact and operational. If you knock it over, move on and take a no score for that obstacle.

Example Junior / Teen / Adult Team RUn

Adult Pattern Videos
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