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Flag Race

Below you will find written rules Flag Race . We've tried our best to cover all rules, situations that may arise, and concerns but all runs and scenarios will be at the discretion of the Judges and will be considered final at awards. 

Flag Race










  • 3 Barrels, 2 buckets, 1 Flag


      Pick your flag hand ( right or Left)​

    • Pick up flag at first barrel

    • Round Far Barrel

    • Drop off flag at last barrel

    • Rider must stay outside of barrels on pick up & Drop off

* Each rider will get 1 reride chance if **

  1.  Rider misses flag on first attempt.

  • If rider misses on second attempt, rider has option to circle back without crossing timer line and continuing w pattern.

  1.  Drops flag BEFORE Rounding barrel

5 second time Penalties 

  • Knocking down a Barrel 


  • Off pattern 

  • Cross timer more than 2 times Before full pattern is completed

  • Falling off

All unforeseen discrepancies will be handled by a pre-appointed board

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