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2022 Ranch Horse Pleasure

Below you will find written rules for Ranch Horse Pleasure. We've tried our best to cover all rules, situations that may arise, and concerns but all runs and scenarios will be at the discretion of the Judges and will be considered final at awards. 

Ranch Horse Pleasure


We always do a Pleasure class to help our students get settled into the show. Help them warm up, get moving and get their jitters out before doing their speed events. PLUS a good rider should be able to ride fast but also be in such great control that they will be able to ride each gate as slow as possible. 

  • Ride on Rail (STAY IN YOUR CORNERS)

  • Follow directions from announcer

  • You will ride at a walk, Jog(slow trot), Extended trot (fast trot) & Lope (slow canter) 

    • you will only canter if you are at that level 

  • You will ride both directions

  • Objective

    • To make your horse look easy to ride, comfortable & desirable to purchase

    • Show off how easy & comfortable your horse is to ride by​

      • having smooth transitions

      • keeping your horse in whatever gait was announced until told otherwise

      • keeping your speed even & steady

      • Having the proper lead at the canter 

        • if on the wrong lead, recognizing it and fixing it​

      • displaying good control and leadership over your horse

      • Staying on the rail & in your corners

      • Keeping a horse's distance at all times from other horses

      • Passing before you are too close to other horses

      • Having a nice straight line from your ear, shoulder, hip, heel

      • Free hand should be on your lap or in a fist with your elbow bent and tucked in at your side

      • SMILE

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