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2023 Barrel Racing

Below you will find written rules for Speed Cups we've tried our best to cover all rules, situations that may arise, and concerns but all runs and scenarios will be at the discretion of the Judges and will be considered final at awards. 

Barrel Racing 


  1. Pick up middle cup

  2. Round farthest pole & place cup on top of farthest pole (Order doesn't matter)

  3. Head back and Round closest pole, pick up cup

  4. Place cup on middle pole

  5. Round Furthest end zebra barrel and run home crossing timer line

* If you start with the first cup on accident - As long as you don't set it down on a pole, you can put it back where you got it (on the first pole) & still be on pattern. 

5 second Penalties

  • Knocked down pole

  • Dropped cup​

  • Knocked down barrel

* IF your cup placing pole is down rider will take 5 second penalty on cup & also pole.

* IF your pole falls after cup is place on pole - ONLY pole will count as a 5 second penalty. 


  • Crossing timer more than 2 times before pattern is completed

  • Falling off

  • Going off pattern (Not rounding end poles or far barrel etc)


All unforeseen discrepancies will be handled by a pre-appointed board 

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